Feminism, Poetry, Sex

Consensual Rape

How dare you consider me your toy

When you’re nothing more then a fucking fuckboy

Why did I deserve to be used for your joy?

Why did I believe your troy?

I hope you never enjoy 

Another reverse cowgirl

You absolute churl

I love the way you couldn’t be arsed,

To look me in the eyes

And face your lies

I hope you enjoyed the size of my arse

The way you womanise

I would agonise

But your dick is pint-size

To care is no misdeed

Indeed, you couldn’t care

The way you treated my vagina

I would be scared from a visit from the regina

And now, I only wonder 

About my blunder

To what extent

I have spent

Best years of life?

It’s like a knife

Piercing my heart

I wish I could depart

And restart

But my sweetheart…

But my sweetheart

Is due