Poetry, Relationship

Devil Cruel

There’s a tumour in my brain and they say it’s fatal

As a I take a seat at the table

Bittersweet memories emanate recklessly

A remedy to navigate this odyssey

It’s gonna take a miracle to pull me through

Yet, in my mind, I’m satirical

Not hope in my scope

As I feel alone

The only distraction from my agony

As I search for amnesty

Is your fine smile, my love

Making my final days worthwhile

Our first kiss

As we reminisce

Of time we shared together

Even with much stormy weather


In light of our sumptuous affection

Flaunted with tumultuous arguments

From our young presumptuous arrogance

But, the sunshine always returned

Holding hands at the birth of our kin

The strength you showed from within

Made me aware of a moral sin

Life without you would be rather thin

The family we raised

Were so well behaved

Laugher never muted

Tranquillity often diluted

Until our children left the nest

Leaving us to rest

As we grow old

And for all, which has been told

You died before I

And I’ve only being indulging in my lies

That you are still here

Sat with me at this table

To hear this feeble plea

Of a decrepit fool

At the mercy of devil’s cruel

In time, I will lose my remembrance of you

And the semblance

Of the man I once was

And the love, I still have

Death has already came to take this old man