Song of the Day

Billy Bragg – Some Days I See the Point #SongoftheDay

℗&©2002 Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg’s eighth studio album, England, Half-English and the first recorded with his backing band The Blocks, tackles many subjects from Monday blues, English racism, stalking and the sex life of thirty-five old man. However, I am solely forcing on one track, Some Days I See the Point. This track is a slow, methodical piece, featuring steady percussion beat and light string intervention. The song is about an individual climbing uphill to see the larger surroundings to regain one’s perspective after facing a hardship. In some regards, this could be seen as the opposite of Upfield from Bragg’s seventh studio album, William Bloke. A song about the endeavour of one’s altruism. I hope you enjoy this track!

My thoughts today

I am not going to lie, there are some days were I do not see the point. This is one of them. For some context, I start a new job on 15th of June in a new city. I have to dropped out of University (again) to pursue this opportunity. However, with the death of George Floyd, I am conflicted about my decision. You see, my chosen education subject was human rights law. Discrimination does not disappeared because you moved cities and/or change professions. However, I loathe being at University and returning to full time education costed me the only woman I have loved. I am currently on a course of antidepressants and I have been self-harming. This has been direct caused my return to University. I am deeply unhappy with my life and wish to change it for the better. But, unlike George Floyd, I still have a life. I feel selfish about my decision, that I am turning my back of those who face persecution, only to quench my own sorrow. It does not help matters that this employment will give me financial security, in a challenging time brought upon by Covid-19.