Feminism, Poetry

A Single Mother

Every morning, 

Reverie mourning

I muddle out of my single bed

To cuddle up with wit’s end

I walk serenely down the stairs

A kettle hiss and boil

By the glare of a routinely stare

Life’s a bliss turmoil

The kids awaken

The stairs face a rambunctious surge

The smile across my face can’t be mistaken

For my love for them is unending

Now, if only I could purge these compunctious feelings

That I give up my aspirations

To lay the foundations

Of my dearest darlings

Children of loveless marriage

As I prepare cheap lunches

And break up punches

I received a phone call

Yet another job rejection

I want to feel affection

That would heal all

I drive the kids to school

Quick peak on the cheeks

My reward to bare this devil cruel

My much needed refuel

I attend to the end

To children’s commend

If it cleaning football boots

Or helping with a dress’ attributes

I know I’m laying good roots

I sigh as I flicking through the bills

Testing my wills

With side of beans on toast

I have been and ghosted

As nothing more than house ex-wife

Clean and cook

Mean and shook

At my ex-husband’s gift of life

Helping with a load of homework

I see the bright fireworks

Of my kids’ eager learning

My only yearning

The embracing of companionship

Would help with this hardship

 And to remind me of my feminine

How I long for a gentleman

As I read my kids a bedtime story

A princess waits for her prince charming

But, a kiss for Cinderella

As I kiss them goodnight…