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I was born this way

Just chance, not choose

And yet, you use to abuse 

I found myself the prey

For your ridicule of hate

Just because you’re an insensitive fool

All through school

I dealt with this devil cruel

From the vindictive browbeat 

To the restrictive teaching

You might as well have beat me

The teasing, the feeling 

All brought on of my disgraceful disability

Far from a peaceful tranquility

But, I spurn the hate, 

You use to justify, 

Your insanity! 

The inhumanity!

I succeeded, universal

As I embrace my diversity

Despite the frustration

Of my disabilities

And the harassment

The embarrassment

Of your arrogance

All you did was plant the seeds

And the showers of cants and rants

In a attempt of abscission

Was the perfect nutrition 

For tall, strong, beautiful sunflowers

I might have disabilities 

But they are not liabilities

I still have the same possibilities

I just might need some extra facilities

To achieve my full abilities