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Nightmare or Dream on the Shore On Another World

On the shore of Loch Larch 

An old decrepit cottage lies

Where a cantankerous man resides

Alone with simmering a pot of pottage

And rancorous flame inside

Sounds of hisses and bubbles

Filler the misses and troubles

A broken spirit

Every emotion, only a token

For a previous passion

Seeking compassion

As he goes for his stew

In his rambunctious slew

He knock over the pot, a compunctious zero

Some of the grains and beans fell out the window

With this, he depart for the loch’s vessel

With his heart already nestle

With the agony of poignancy

He’s struggling with his buoyancy

He cast a line

A thread of hope

In a watery shrine

Source of the River Rose

Legends tell tales of a goddess

The protector of man

Day slowly drifts into night

With nothing in slight

His plight deepens tight

He feels hopeless adrift

That he could copiously shift

Into another world

Where he sits upon a throne, unassisted

One truly callous and twisted

In a disheartened palace of feelings he disavow

But, his face is a shade of ashen

But then, she appears, at this instance

The goddess!

Busting from her bodice

With voluptuous hourglass figure

She looks upon the downtrodden man with vivid hazel eyes

Biting her sensuous lips

Then, she smile

And offers a single word vow

He awakes on the loch’s shore

It’s seems like a Storm occurred whiles he waited

Now, the feeling of hopelessly fated

He’s lucky to be alive

The goddess must have arrive

He observance at the window

Where grains and beans fell next to a cinder

Now, a inflorescence of [Favourite flower] has sprouted 

And, he spouted a vow of the goddess: