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Hedon Racecourse railway station

AreaSalt End, East Riding of Yorkshire
53.748000°N 0.226500°W
Opening24th August 1888, 14th August 1948 (reopening)
Closure1909, 23rd October 1948 (reclosure)
Original companyHull and Holderness Railway
Pre-groupingNorth Eastern Railway
Post-groupingLondon and North Eastern Railway
Other Name(s)Hedon Halt (14th August 1948 to 23rd October 1948)

Hedon Racecourse railway station was opened on 24th August 1888 to serve the newly opened Hedon Park Racecourse and was subsequently closed alongside the racecourse in 1909. The station was briefly re-opened as Hedon Halt between 14th August 1948 and 23rd October 1948 to serve speedway meetings.

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A driver’s view of Hedon Racecourse railway station, westbound

The Hull and Holderness Railway in 2020 is mainly a shared-use footway from Rosmead Playing Field, Hull (Home of East Hull A.R.L.F.C.) to the village of Keyingham, East Riding of Yorkshire

I cannot see the station ever been reopened. However, I can see a new station being build to service the hamlet of Saltend, on the line leading to Saltend Power Station. The line is the remains of Hull and Barnsley Railway and is only one and half miles away from the original station.